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Match Results

February 25th

Another beautiful day for a southern California FT match. Temperatures started off in the mid 50's and warmed up just a bit with no wind. We had 13 shooters, if you count Allan, with a couple shooters staying on the sight-in range. Ron Jobbes set the 12 lane 48 shot course and it was not a normal course, or rather it was atypical course. Course had a lot of small, short to mid-range, targets, with only a couple beyond 40 yards. But lane two and six were your typical forced position lanes. We had a new shooter to FT, Juan Carrera, shooting a Weihrauch HW 97K springer in WFTF. He had a great first match with a 35 and knows he needs to work on his forced positions. Welcome to the club. And Jon Wagner was able to make another match after missing only 6 shots last week for his best match to date and tying Rick Rogers for top Freestyle score for that match. We will see how he does today. Looks like this course favored the Freestylers. On the kneeling lane, all the Freestyle shooters cleaned the lane along with two shooters in Hunter; and one in Open. For standing, all Freestylers had no problem and only one other shooter in WFTF was able to clean the lane, with two others missing by 1. Overall, in Hunter class, there was no winner or loser. All four shooters in Hunter tied with 41. A four-way tie was very unusual and don't think it has ever happened. In Hunter Springer, Cyril Fernandez, shooting his Weihrauch HW 85, shot a 16. Kelly Hawe, in Open class, with his Daystate LPR, shot a 44. In WFTF PCP, George Doganis, with his Steyr LG 110, also shot a 44. In WFTF Springer, Juan Carrera came away with first place with his score of 35. In Freestyle, once again, Rick Rogers came away with first and also cleaned the course for the very first time with his Steyr LG110, and of course was top match scorer. Jon Wagner could not match Rick this month but he shot outstanding, shooting a Steyr LG110 that he tried out for the first time. He may have bought it after that performance. Great shooting everyone and see you at the next match. Hope I didn't leave anybody out--did I mention how well Jon W. is shooting?     

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