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Match Results

May 11th



Another beautiful Southern California day. Temperature got up to around low 70s with a slight right to left breeze. Although not too noticeable, breeze was strong enough to affect shots. We had 12 shooters. Colby Van Dyck stuck around long enough to shoot the whole match and he brought a new shooter, Alex Mahony.  Ron Jobbes was back from a successful (photographic proof) trout opener and set the course. There were 13 lanes, 52 shots, with lane 2 kneeling, and lane 6 standing. For the forced positions, all the freestylers cleaned standing (what's up with that?), and kneeling, Joh Wagner was the only shooter to clean the lane and for the second straight match. Of the non-forced positioned lanes, lane 13 seemed to have been the toughest with 75% of the shooters missing at least one shot, most likely due to wind and/or mirage affecting ranging. In Hunter PCP class, Al Padilla, shooting his Air Arms EV2, and able to finish this match, shot a 45. In Open PCP, Kelly Hawe, shooting his Daystate LPR, shot a 41. In WFTF PCP, Pat Callihan shooting his Pulsar, and lone shooter in class, shot a 31. In WFTF Springer, David D'Agostino shot a 38 with his Air Arms TX200. In Freestyle PCP, Jon Wagner, with his Steyr LG110, and Colby Van Dyck with his Daystate, both shot a 43. Good effort gentlemen, but not good enough to top Al, with his 45, as Top shooter for the match. Great shooting everyone, see you at the next match.


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