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Match Results


May 23

With clear skies, Temps in the high 70s to low 80's, and sporadic winds occurring throughout the match affecting shots, it was a good match. Ron, Range Master, set the 12 lane 48 shot course. And again, he was not feeling generous with the forced positions (standing and knelling) and set 1 inch targets on both lanes.  We had 19 shooters in five classes, with two new shooters, Tamara Santana and Pet Natividad, in their first air rifle match. Sharing a rifle, they shot a 9 and 13, respectively, which is not bad for their first match and, I am sure, will improve with each match. Louis Bigelow was the lone springer today.  Larry Durham joined us after being away for sometime. Good to see you at the match.  Hector, being the lone shooter in WFTF, was top overall shooter with his Steyr and shot a near perfect match with a 47. Missing, by his account, a "gimme". That's what happens when you lose concentration, as Hector admitted. But that's Field Target--you need a steady aim, concentration at all times, and it helps to be able to shoot in the wind. Great shooting Hector. Shooting in Open PCP, Kelly shot a 43 with his Daystate CR-X-ST#2, was first in Open and took second as overall shooter. Two shooters, Hector and Rob, cleaned the standing lane, although Rob practically cut the distance in half with that long barrel; and Sarah was 50%. Knelling lane was cleaned by Hector and Kelly.  With two women shooting today, top woman shooter was Sarah with a 22 in Hunter PCP. Nice shooting. Mike Stern finally broke through his 23 point barrier with a 24. There is no stopping him now. And, although Pat Hall continues to enjoy shooting his Crossman pump action air rifle, we will eventually break him into buying a pcp or springer. As always, shooting was challenging and loads of fun.  See you all next time on the range.

Shooter                Class                  Rifle                             Scope                           Pellets                           Score (48)

Hector                  WFTF PCP           Steyr110                    Kahles10-50                    JSB 8.4                         47


Louis Bigelow    Hunter Springer     LGU                      UTG 3-12                        JSB 10.34                          23


Al Padilla        Hunter PCP        Air Arms S500            Aeon 8-24x50                   JSB 10.34                        37

Larry Durham   Hunter PCP       USFT mod            Bush 2-16                               JSB 10.3                      36

John Knapp   Hunter PCP         TM 1000                   Hawke 8-32x56                  JSB 8.44                           23

Sarah Van Dyck   Hunter PCP        Diana                     Mantiz                                JSB                                  22

Pet Natividad  Hunter PCP        Benjamin Maurader     6-20x50                         0.22                                 13

Tamara Santana Hunter PCP  Benjamin Maurader          6-20x50                       0.22                               9

Pat Hall       Hunter                   Crossman                           UTG 6x                         0.22                             6

Kelly Hawe        Open PCP        Daystate CR-X-ST#2        BSA10-50x60              JSB 10.34                  43

Tim McMurray  Open PCP       USFT #7                    Luepold Comp                  JSB Monster 13.43          37

Robert Wild   Open PCP     P70                       Bush8-32                                          JSB 10.3                   33

Ryan A.    Open PCP       HM1000        Hawk 8x32                     Hades                                                       31

Ron Jobbes      Open PCP    CRX-ST                      NS50x                                   JSB 10.3                           28

Dennis B.   Open PCP         Air Arms HFT500          Athron          JSB 8.4                                                  37

Rick Rogers   Freestyle PCP               LG110FT                SSIII 10x40                           AA10.3                      40

Jim Ziegler   Freestyle PCP                      USFT                Hawke                                 CPH                           37

Colby Van Dyck    Freestyle PCP    Daystate Aztec                                                   JSB                            31

Michael Stern  Freestyle PCP          Avenger             UTG 4x16                   JSB                                           24


May 8th

With temperatures in low to mid 70s and an occasional slight breeze, it was a good day for another match.  We had ten total shooters, with Alan Otsuka helping out a new shooter on the course so they did not officially participate in the match. Art also showed but did not participate as he stayed at the sight-in range and assisted new shooters/members.  We had three shooters in the Open PCP class, with the rest of the shooters spread out over the other classes and John being the only springer. Robert Wild joined us after a hiatus (welcome back). Ron set the 12 lane, 48 shot course. Al led all shooters with a 46 in Hunter PCP, with Kelly second with a 42 shooting Open PCP.  

Shooter                Class                  Rifle                             Scope                           Pellets                           Score (48)

Al Padilla          Hunter PCP        Air Arms S500         Aeon 8-24x50                        JSB 10.34                            46

John Knapp     Hunter Springer        TX200                 Hawke 8-32x56                    JSB 10.34                            23

Pat Hall              Hunter               Crossman                 Bug Buster 6x                          JSB 10.34                           24

Kelly Hawe      Open PCP           Red Wolf LPR           Comp 40x                                JSB 10.34                            42

Robert Wild      Open PCP                  P70                        8-32                                      JSB 10.3                             35

Ron Jobbes     Open PCP                   Ripley AR5         Bushnell 32                            JSB 8.4                               29

Colby Van Dyck  Freestyle PCP    Daystate                  Aztec                                     JSB 10.3                               39

Michael Stein    Freestyle PCP        Avenger                 UTG 4x16                                  JSB                                   23


April 25

Nice day for a match. Cloudy skies with temperatures around 55. Occasional slight winds, and looks like we finished before the stronger winds started. We had 9 shooters today, with Tim McMurray (Mac1 Airguns) able to get away from his shop, along with Louis Bigelow who has been away for awhile. Ron Jobbs, our Range Master, decided to join the crowds in the Sierras for the trout opener. Hope he caught his limit. That left target set-up to me. Hope it was a fun and challenging course for all.

Al led all shooters with a 43 in Hunter PCP. Kelly, shooting his springer, was second with a 40.  

Shooter                Class                  Rifle                             Scope                           Pellets                           Score (48)

Al Padilla       Hunter PCP        Air Arms S500       Aeon 8-24x50                        JSB 10.34                           43

John Knapp      Hunter PCP        Steyr                 Hawke 8-32x56                             jSB 10.34                        39

Jesse Hall        Hunter PCP        Diana Outlaw        Vortex                              JSB 10.34                                 24

Tim McMurray   Open PCP           USFT#7       Luepold35 comp                        JSB 13.4                                37

Kelly Hawe   Open Springer        TX200SR      Hawke 8-32x56                        jSB 10.34                               40

Louis Bigelow      Hunter Springer       LGU        UTG 3-12                               jSB 10.34                                 30

Rick Rogers      Freestyle PCP      Steyr ST100         SSIII 10x40AA                       JSB10.34                           38

Michael Stein      Freestyle PCP        Avenger       UTG 4x16                                  JSB                                   23

Juan Gonzalez       Freestyle PCP      Brocock Commander                       HawkeH&N sport                        23