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Match Results

           23rd & 24th


Start of our two-day California State and Grand Prix rifle and pistol match. We had a total of 17 PCP and Springer shooters for the rifle match, shooting in Hunter, Open, WFTF and Freestyle. Six shooters participated in the pistol match. The rifle match consisted of 13 lanes for a total of 52 shots each day for a total of 104 shots. Target sizes varied from .5 to 1.75 inches, spread out from 10 to 55 yards. The pistol match consisted of 10 lanes and 40 shots and was held on Saturday after the rifle match and lunch.

Saturday started off with cool temperatures and reached around the mid 70s. There was an occasional breeze that was mainly right to left and just occasionally strong enough to affect shots. In Hunter Class, Scott Hull, shooting his modified P15, lead five other shooters in the class with a 43. In Open PCP Class, with one shooter, Kelly Hawe shot a 47 with his Daystate Redwolf. In Open Springer Class, with two shooters, Ron Jobbes had a 16 with his TX200.  In WFTF Springer Class, with two shooters, Pat Callihan, shot a 30 with his Daystate Pulsar, WFTF Springer Class had four shooters, all shooting TX200s, with Jim Poh leading the first day with a 31. In Freestyle Class, Rick Rogers, with his Steyr LG 110 shot a 50, four shots ahead of the other Freestyle shooter, and was top match scorer for the day. With tight scores in most classes and for top match score, there was going to be some battles on Sunday. 

Sunday weather was warmer than Saturday and breeze was a little stronger with occasional strong gusts. In Hunter, Scott Hull battled Thane Thayer for first, but Thane shot a 43 for a two-day total of 85, beating Scott by one shot. Thane shot his USFT. Tim Robinson, with his Steyr, had the high score for the day in Hunter with a 45, after realizing after Saturday he needed to clean his barrel. In Open PCP, Kelly improved his Saturday score with a 49 for a total of 96. In Open Springer, Vince Pacheco, shooting a TX200, came from behind and took first with a 28, for a total of 38. In WFTF Springer Class, Pat Callihan was first, shooting a 34 for the day and a total of 64. In WFTF Springer, Dennis Banez, came from three back shooting a 36 for a total of 64 and taking first place. In Freestyle, Rick Rogers continued his hot shooting, missing only two for the day again and ending the day with a total of 102 and taking top shooter in his class and for the match.

In Saturday's pistol match Joe Hayward, shooting a Crosman 1720, came away with first in Hunter Class with a score of 28. In Limited Class, Scott Hull with his Marauder, was first with a 35.

After lunch, there was a raffle for a Marauder .22 cal rifle donated by Pyramyd Air. The gun was won by John Knapp. Money raised will go to the club for new targets, supplies, etc. Thankyou Pyramyd Air.

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