Match Results


June 11

Clear skies, temps were in the high 80's, but according to weather reports, felt more like 90's and I would agree. Wind was deceptive. There was only a slight breeze, however, it was strong enough to push shots off even on the larger hit zones. Ron Jobbes, Range Master, and other club shooters, were in Nevada this weekend shooting a match up near Battle Mountain. So, course setup was left to the rest of us. Course consisted of 12 lanes and 48 shots with our steep hill (lane 3) loaded with three targets (one target was shot from lane 4 so it was an across lane shot and shooters had to follow the string to ensure they were shooting the correct target. At least one shooter forgot this and shot the wrong target. In addition to the uphill shots, we had the downhill shot on lane 1. Offhand (standing) was on flat lane 5 with targets around 18 and 40 yards with generous size hit zones. Kneeling was on lane 6.  We had a total of 8 shooters (7 turned in score cards) shooting in Hunter, Open and Freestyle.  We had a new shooter to Field Target, Ruben Arez, shooting a Brocock. For a first time Field Target shooter, he shot a very good score of 29.  Glad to have you out.  Offhand, two shooters cleaned the lane, Al Padilla, shooting an Air Arms S500 and Ruben Arez (Freestyle). Kneeling, Kelly Hawe was only shooter to clean the lane. He was shooting his Daystate CR97. Kelly, shooting in Open Class, was top shooter with a 46, missing two of the offhand shots. Rick Rogers, shooting in Freestyle Class with his Steyr LG 110, was second with a score of 41. Thanks to all for coming out. Click on Match History at top of page for today's complete scores and the button below for pics of today's match.      


April 24

Great day for a match. Clear skies, temps were in the mid to high 70s, and saying it was windy would be an understatement.  It was constantly windy with strong gusts going in every conceivable direction for the entire match, although it kind of died down toward the end, it still proved tricky. It is very satisfying in Field Target when you wind hold an inch or more and knock down those targets. But it is also frustrating when you wind hold an inch or more and your pellets hit where you're aiming. But that's Field Target. Ron Jobbes, Range Master, set the course with 12 lanes and 48 shots. We had a total of 17 shooters shooting in Hunter, Open and Freestyle.  We had two new shooters join us: Adam Pilchman, shooting a HW 30, and Thane Thayer, shooting a FX M3. Adam had a score of 4 and Thane pulled out a 14. Very tough conditions for first time trying Field Target. Glad to have you out. Mike Stern came out after a long absence. Good to see you out there again. The two forced positions were as tough as the rest of the course. No one cleaned kneeling. Tim Edmonson, shooting his Kral Puncher in Freestyle class, came close with 3 out of 4. Standing, there were 6 shooters that were 3 for 4, but only Kelly Hawe, shooting his Daystate LPR, was able to clean the lane. In Open Class, Kelly came out ahead with a 39, followed by Dennis Banez with a 32, shooting his USFT (he seems to be getting use to that USFT). Hunter Class, Al Padilla managed a 34 with his Air Arms S500. John Knapp was second with a 26, shooting his TM1000. Freestyle, Rick Rogers shooting his Steyr LG110, shot a 27, edging out by one point, Mark Tsunawaki and his FX Crown. Overall top score goes to Kelly Hawe with his 39. Great shooting in tough conditions. It was a very challenging but fun match. Thanks to all for coming out. Click on Match History at top of page for today's complete scores and the button below for pics of today's match.