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Match Results


October 9 

Don't have results for the September 26 match since I was in Arizona competing at the Mormon Lake match and getting drenched. But it is a great place for a match and shooting in a down pour was interesting, to say the least. So, back to this past Saturday's match. Weather started off cold and turned into another beautiful southern Cal day with a high temperature of around 70. There was a slight right to left breeze throughout the match which started to pick up during the latter part of the match. We only had five shooters for the match. Ron set the 12 lane 48 shot course. Seemed there were a lot of small hit zones pushing the limits on this course, and only one that appeared as a gimme (large and relatively close), but you never know since it was on one of the exposed and windy lanes. The forced positions (knelling and standing) appeared to each have at least one target with larger hit zones (larger than 1 inch) than in past matches (Ron may have been feeling a little generous). However, they were still tough and Kelly Hawe was the only one to clean both lanes. And we had one interesting target on lane 8.  Paddle was slightly skewed creating a crescent shaped hole, no more than a 1/4 inch at its widest, along the right side of the hit zone and over 50 yards away. To compensate for the right to left wind, shooters were aiming to the right. Three shooters put pellets right through the hole as the wind died down. Sometimes we hit what we are aiming for (the target was later fixed). We had shooters in Open, Hunter, and Freestyle. All shooting PCPs, except for Ron. It was a close match with Al Padilla shooting an Air Arms S500 in Hunter class, scoring a match high of 45. Kelly and Rick tied for a close second with 43 and John following with a 42. Ron shot a 31.     





State Match came and went this past weekend with the two day 104 shot rifle match and 40 shot pistol match on Saturday after the first day's rifle match. A total of 15 shooters from California, Nevada, and Arizona made the trip, shooting in Open, Hunter, and WFTF classes.  We had triple digit temperatures for both days, with Sunday maybe a few degrees lower than Saturday.  Saturday had an occasional breeze, running left to right, rather than the course's usual right to left, and a couple lanes had an updraft as well.  Sunday was fairly calm throughout the entire match. Ron (Range Master) set the 13 lane, 52 shot course (for each day) with a kneeling and standing lane both days, along with the 10 lane, 40 shot pistol course. After Saturday's shoot, some of the lane's targets were moved, or replaced with targets of different size kill zones for Sunday's shoot.  The forced positions (knelling and standing ) had targets no further than 25 yards, but the kill zones were small. No one was able to clean both lanes on either day (two shooters came close). Very challenging match and, with the heat, it was a tough two days.

First day, John Knapp with his Styr LG110, shooting in Hunter class, led all shooters with a 45, with six of his seven misses coming from the forced positions.  There were three shooters within 1 to 3 shots vying for match's top scorer, with a few others within striking distance as well.

Second day, top score for the day was 46 and shared by three shooters, Kelly Hawe with his CR97, shooting Open class, Bill Corder shooting a Thomas in WFTF class, and Rick Rogers shooting his Styr LG110.

With each day being tight between a number of shooters, the match's top score for the two day match was close with Bill Corder scoring a total of 90, two ahead of Kelly Hawe.

In addition to match's top score, each class was awarded 1st through 3rd place. Winners in each class included: Bill Corder, WFTF PCP; Jim Poh, WFTF Springer; John Knapp, Hunter PCP class; Kelly Hawe, Open PCP class; and Ron Jobbes, Open Springer.  

The Pistol match had a total of six competitors in Limited PCP and Hunter PCP classes. Scott Hall, in Hunter, shooting a Marauder, shot a 34, winning Hunter class and taking top score as well.  Bill Corder, shooting a FX Ranchero, led in Limited and came in second overall with a 33.

After the match a raffle was held with prizes donated by Pyramyd Air, Boyd's Gunstocks, Mac1 Airguns, Utah Airguns, and DonnyFL. Big thanks to all donors.

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